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All of YALSA's annual selected book and media lists, awards, and honorees. These books and media have been selected for teens from 12 to 18 years of age, and span a broad range of reading

99 Classic Books Challenge

The Adventure Library from Outside Magazine

Tales of adrenaline-fueled journeys, of seeking solitude in pristine wilderness, of the eternal struggle between man and wild.

Kirkus Reviews

Literature Map

Literature Map is not only helpful, but it is a lot of fun to play with. Type in an author’s name and the website generates a web of other authors that have similar writing styles and genres. The closer the author’s name is to another, the more alike the authors are. 

NPR's Book Concierge

Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers

Teen Vogue's Book Reviews


Which Book is another fun site to play with as it helps you pick a book based on your mood, which you can do for free or sign up and create saved lists. The site provides a list of sliders, and you can choose 4 of the sliders to indicate your mood (are you looking for something more Happy or Sad, Expected or Unpredictable, Easy or Demanding, No Sex or Lots of Sex, etc…). Once you’ve indicated your tastes, it will provide you with a list that fits your mood.