• Oil Spill at Lewisboro Elementary School Campus - Possible Transportation Delays

    Due to an oil spill from a delivery truck at Lewisboro Elementary School today, and given the scope of the response (which we appreciate) and the number of vehicles in the area, it is possible there may be delays in afternoon transportation in the Lewisboro area, specifically around Bouton Road.

    The spill is contained and we are assured that there is no danger to those in the vicinity. In addition to police and fire services, the Department of Environmental Protection and the NYS Environmental Conservation Police are on the scene to assess the situation.

    Katonah - Lewisboro School District
  • KLSD Mobile App

    The KLSD mobile app makes the latest news, schedules, and school information easy to find and all in one place. More information here. 

    Katonah - Lewisboro School District
  • Weather Reserve Days 1, 2 and 3 are now in-session days

    February 16, March 29 and May 29 will now be in-session days due to schools closing on October 30 because of loss of power, and on January 4 and 5 because of snow.

    Katonah - Lewisboro School District
  • District e-Newsletter

    Click here for the District's current e-newsletter.

    Katonah - Lewisboro School District
  • Consider Allergies Before Bringing Food to Share

    Please check with your child’s teacher before bringing snacks, holiday foods, and special decorations into school to share with the class as we have students in our district who have allergies to nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, peanut butter, spices, latex, bees etc.

    John Jay High School
  • Reporting an Absent Student

    Please call 763-7218 to report an absence. 

    John Jay High School
  • Driver Education Location

    Parents and Students:  Please be advised that any Driver Education information can be found in the Athletics and Clubs tab on this page.  After clicking on the Athletics and Clubs tab, look for the Quick Links section on the lower right hand side of the page.


    John Jay High School

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